Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Peer Mediation )

When I got to Peer Mediation, the other Peer Mediator came and we both put on our vests and grabbed the iPad. After that we went outside and onto the field, to start walking around it. We were walking around the field for a long time, then my friend came up to us and asked when we were finished. I told her that we would finish at ten past one and I could play with her then. 

After that we carried on walking around field for ten more minutes, there were absolutely no problems. Which was pretty good, because then everyone was playing nicely together. I really like Peer Mediation because you get to be a role model for the students at Oaklands and solve any problems that they have. 

When Peer Mediation was finished we went inside to put our vests away and the iPad, then I went outside to play with my friend. 

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  1. It is very descriptive and it tells us what you did that day.