Thursday, 20 August 2015

Distinction Evidence ( PALS )

At morning tea time we had a PALS meeting with all of the PALS. Mr Muller and Mr Forman reminded us that we need to wear our orange vests so if anyone wanted to play with the PALS they would be able to see us. He also told us about the skipping ropes, that they were in the back room next to the Music Room. After the meeting we asked Mr Forman if we could use the skipping ropes at lunch time, he said that we could and he would show us where they were. When we went into the room there were buckets with skipping ropes in them and one hook with ropes hanging on it. He grabbed off one pile of skipping ropes and told us that there were ten ropes per pile and we had to knot them together. So when we knew all the stuff and where all the skipping ropes go we went back outside to play at lunch. 

At lunch time me and one of the other PALS went to grab the skipping ropes, we grabbed two red,  two blue and two purple, then we grabbed some cones. We took them to the court and lay them on the ground. I put all the skipping ropes out and the other person in my group put down the cones. Then the two other PALS came and brought all the bright orange vests with them. Then I went around and invited heaps of people to come and play with the skipping ropes. After that we got out the long purple skipping ropes and let people skip with them while we held the handles. 

After about twenty minutes we asked everyone to put the skipping ropes back so we could pack them up. We packed up the skipping ropes by picking them up and knotting them. Then putting them back on the hook in the back room. After that we put our vests away and went back inside because the lunch bell rang. 

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