Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Radio Station )

When we started eating lunch Reia and I went into the radio station room with our lunch. Then we went through the script and wrote down the songs, news and so on. Then Mr Mcallum came in to teach us how to use the equipment. So he taught Reia how to use the sound machine and taught me what to do with the laptop.

Then we started, Reia started by introducing us and saying what was coming up on the show. Then I introduced the next song, which was "Hey Brother" by Avicii. After the song we read some news from the school news letter, like how there was going to be a school Open Day the next day. Then we played another's song which was "Story of my Life" by One Direction. Then I read out some news from this news booklet, it was the weirdest flavoured Jellybeans. There was black pepper, baby wipes, dirt, grass, dog food and boogers. It was really gross. Then we played the song "Love is Easy" by McFly. When the song was finished we put another song on which was "Aotearoa" by Stan Walker. After that Reia read out an article about the minions in Waipara, in Waipara they made the three minions out of tyres, old drum kits and much more. It was amazing. Then we playing the last song of the afternoon, which was "Happy" by Pharrel Williams. Then we finished, we turned off the microphones and went outside to play for the last 4 minutes of lunchtime. 

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