Thursday, 20 August 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Radio Station )

At eating time before lunch, my friends asked me if I could help them out with radio station. They wanted me there so we could do our body percussion, which is basically stomping, clapping, clicking and slapping. Here is a video of someone doing a body percussion. They also wanted me to be there so I could help them out a bit.

So when the bell rang I went into the radio station room so we could get ready to start radio station. They started by introducing themselves and talking about what was coming up on the show. Then they played a song, it was Story of my Life.

After the song they started talking again and that's when I realized that they had there microphones off the whole time, so I told them that they needed to turn them on and restart. So they did and they introduced themselves again and they decided to do a different song, which was Impossible by James Arthur.

Then they started talking about some stuff happening around the school like dates of things like the open day and sausage sizzles. Then they played another song.

After the song they read out some news from the news article, one article was called "BANNED" and another was called "Puppy Shaming" the puppy shaming one was funny because there were photos of all these dogs that had done bad stuff, those naughty dogs.

Then they finished up and played the last song, then we went outside to play for the last five minutes of lunchtime.

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