Friday, 21 August 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Technology )

I was really excited for Woodworks that week because it was our second time doing it and I was almost finished my plan. When we got off the bus to Lincoln School, I went and put my bag down outside the Woodworks Room and grabbed out my pencil case. Then I went inside and sat down, Mr Bowers the Woodworks teacher, talked to us about what we were going to do. He told us that we would finish our final plan, then we would show him and he would ask if anyone else was creating a box with the same measurements, after that cut out the wood for us. 

So then we carried on with our plans. We had to make four different designs. So I designed four different speaker boxes then I had a look at them and decided which one I should do, I decided to do the one that kind of looked like it had three different shapes in one. It also has a hole in the top where you can put your phone. There is a drawing of it below.          
After I drew up my final plan, with measurements. I showed Mr Bowers. He had a look at it then asked everyone if they had the same plan, only one person did. Then he cut out the wood for us. First he cut out the front and back pieces of wood and drew up the square in the middle where the hole is going to be. Then he used this machine to cut out the hole. After that he cut up the wood for the rest of the box and showed us how to put it together. So me and my friend assembled our boxes, it was actually really fun assembling them. Right after we finished putting them together it was time to pack up. So everyone helped pack up the class, then we all went outside and onto the bus. 

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