Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Radio Station )

At lunch time I was sitting down eating my lunch with my friend, Mr Mcallum, the music teacher walked in.

 The previous day we had seen some people do radio station and really wanted to do it. So we asked him if we could join radio station. He said we might be able to and he'll check the roster. He also asked us if we could meet him in the music room after eating time. So when eating time was finished we went to the music room and waited for him. 

When he came in, he grabbed the roster and sat down next to us. There was a free spot and he asked us if we were free that day. Luckily both of us were so we went on radio station that day. Then my friend asked if we could have a script so we both could have an idea of what to talk about. So we went down to the room where they do radio station and grabbed a script.

 After that we went over to the deck outside our class and starting practicing the script. We were really excited even though we were doing it the week after. Then after a long time of practicing the bell rang so we went outside our class and lined up. 

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